Past Patients Past Patients Baby Barn Swallow 178004423 Juvenile Barred Owl Cuddling with teddy bear! 178004424 Baby Bunny This bunny was shot, but healed well! 178004425 Baby Cardinal Stretching his wings! 178004426 Juvenile Great Horned Owl Just growing in some adult feathers! 178004427 Baby Robin 178004428 Baby Snapping Turtle Didn't stay that small for long! 178004429 Eastern Box Turtle She left some of her lunch behind on her mouth! 178004430 Flying Squirrel This is how we feed milk to baby squirrels 178004431 Hummingbird There is nectar for him in that syringe! 178004432 Juvenile Barred Owl Almost ready to be released! 178004433 Juvenile Great Horned Owl Starting to look more like an adult now! 178004434 Juvenile Kestrels They almost look like adults! 178004735 Eastern Box Turtle He was just taking a nap 178004736 Pileated Woodpecker Gorgeous red head! This is the bird that inspired Woody the Woodpecker! 178004737 Singing Wren I think she's trying to tell us something! 178004738 Snapping Turtle This guy was enormous! He liked to hiss! 178004739 Thrush Beautiful spots on this songbird! 178004740